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Hello and welcome to JEREMY & JONES, operators of luxury independently branded hotels.

We are a hotel management company born in an industry full of compromised owner-operator relationships. The homogenisation of hotel design and service in Australia, along with excessive chain operator consolidation has created this situation. Hospitality has suffered.

Our highly evolutionary operating model was concepted in New York, refined in Europe and successfully launched in Byron Bay. It capitalises on changing travel preferences, evolving technology and the mobilisation of skilled talent. The model actively drives top-line revenues while mitigating redundant expenses, resulting in improved hotel profits and subsequent asset value.

With a remit of developing only iconic independent hotel projects, all Jeremy & Jones hotels will be positioned as number one within their respective competitive set.

Jeremy and David.

Our areas of Specialisation


JEREMY & JONES are pioneers in the Independently branded luxury hotel space.

Our services include: –

– Opening and operating iconic new-build hotels

– Repositioning chain branded hotels into the lifestyle sector with their own iconic brand

– Take over existing independently branded hotels and drive stronger profit and asset value

Always Independent. Always Proper.

The brand experience


Jeremy & Jones are the masters of Proper Hospitality – the pulsing, intangible, life beat of iconic, independently owned luxury hotels. Proper hospitality is the energy giver at the heart of meaningful experiences for hotel guests, owners and developers alike.

Always proper. Never pretentious.

The brand experience

All hotels are independently branded

Build your own brand equity, not someone else’s.

Your brand, your story, your tribe.

Travellers are placing a lot less weight on global hotel brands and their promises, this includes their latest synthetic ‘lifestyle’ brand offspring’.

Strong independent brands and what they stand for attract early-adopter/influencer markets which in turn build awareness and traveller intent.

The brand experience

Thoughtful design and placemaking

First life, then spaces, then buildings – the other way around never works.

Jan Gehl

People spend their money where they spend their time.

JEREMY & JONES understand the importance of design and placemaking on a hotel’s performance. Proper design and placemaking supports guest wellbeing, in turn driving guest satisfaction and profitability.

The brand experience

Pre-emptive, top notch service

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

JEREMY & JONES are committed to intimate, authentic and personalised service. Our service is multi-layered, allowing hotel guests to experience moments of discovery during their stay. Service is engineered to be interfaced with as little or as much as guests would like.

Our service and experiences simply compliment the heavy lifting done by the brand and the property.

The brand experience

Proper food & beverage

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage in the Hotel environment is a challenge.

Margins continue to be compressed by rising labour and food costs, yet consumer expectations continue their upward surge.

Finding, training and keeping motivated staff

Finding, training and keeping motivated staff is an ongoing impediment to service quality and consistency.

Hotel food and beverage, more-than-ever before, has become a financial downside risk to the bottom line.

Yet the solution is rarely to outsource this department.

The best independent hotels embrace and control their own F+B destiny and successfully weave this through the overall hotel narrative and guest offering.

In many cases, this includes collaborating with specialist F&B operators.

Food and Beverage

JEREMY & JONES really understand the critical nature of Food and Beverage to the overall hotel offering and financial performance.

We consciously masterplan F+B strategies that are fully integrated into the hotel’s DNA, and that positively contribute to overall guest satisfaction, hotel profit, and longer-term asset value.

Our management model


We’ve decentralised sales, marketing and loyalty, and have a new fee-light distribution model. This typically reduces the annual operator fee by fifty percent or more – with no compromise.

This model, combined with very specific selection criteria ensures long-term sustainable relationships between JEREMY & JONES and hotel owners, and ultimately benefits guests and hotel staff.

Our management model

Our decentralised approach to sales & marketing

All intellectual property sits on-property, as opposed to HQ and belongs to the hotel owner.

Tailored approach adapted to unique needs of each hotel and able to react faster.

Nimble, easier to make changes at hotel level with less bureaucracy.

Autonomy and empowerment, management take more ownership over developing an effective function or process.

Build local capability, local units develop skills to solve functional problems.

Entire S&M budget allocation spent on hotel specific initiatives – delivering more revenue.

Our management model

We generate hotel demand differently

Infographics - generate demand diagram

Our management model

Sensible distribution fees

Infographics - sensible distribution diagram

Our management model

Decentralised loyalty – without the points

Legacy points-based models and their oppressive fee structure best serve hotels with a homogenised offering, where loyalty overrides are one of the only point of difference to competitors. If applied to in-demand hotels, their heavy fee structure suppresses hotel profitability.

JEREMY & JONES know how to build your hotels own tribe through storytelling and independent branding.

We’ve built a decentralised approach to loyalty to drive repeat visitation and direct bookings. We make your guests feel like they belong to something worthwhile, a family, a community of like-minded individuals (relevance).

This is not for the masses. It’s personalised and appropriate, and your guests will notice and embrace that.

Our models impact


Hotels operated by J&J benefit by accessing the installation of a proven operating system to optimise significant commercial advantages. Our approach to demand generation, the decentralisation of loyalty and distribution fees, and the building of your hotels own brand build the owner significant brand equity and higher asset values.

More effective, less expense, zero compromise.


Our models impact

Impact on hotel profit and asset value

Iconic independently branded hotels attract their own following, short-circuiting the need for points-based loyalty programs and associated costs.

Guest management and distribution technology available to independent hotels is far superior than the major chains proprietary systems – and is a fraction of the cost.

Our model focuses on facilitating a direct relationship between hotel and guest – driving ‘direct’ bookings and reducing distribution costs.

When removed, these unnecessary loyalty and distribution fees flow straight to the hotel owners bottom line. If applied to in-demand hotels, their heavy fee structure suppresses hotel profitability.

More profit directly drives long-term asset value. It’s a more ‘sustainable financial relationship’.

Our models impact

Our sensible approach to sustainability, when done right, mitigates long-range financial and social expenses - and makes good business sense

“Green business practices will be the next major competitive advantage for brands selling to consumers.”

JEREMY & JONES welcome the opportunity to work with developers and sustainability consultants during the design phase of new-build hotels to ensure long-range operational efficiencies and benefits.

Meet our team


Jeremy Holmes and David Jones came together through a shared vision of operating iconic and highly profitable hotels that deliver bona-fide hospitality.

Given the companies decentralised model and organic growth intentions, all hotels under JEREMY & JONES management are guaranteed generous attention from both Jeremy and David.

Our company. Our names. You get us.

Meet our team


Jeremy Holmes specialises in property development with experience including the end-to-end delivery of Elements of Byron Resort. He has managed over $1b worth of active projects in the hospitality and luxury residential sectors. While working on Elements of Byron he met David and began developing what is now the J&J hotel operating model. Jeremy maximises hotel asset values by applying his experience and foresight to all points of the development process – starting with a concept, then following through to a fully stabilised business.

David Jones’ main talent is finding a hotel’s maximum stable profit potential as fast and sustainably as possible; while factoring market conditions, the product and service offering, competition and the crew’s ability. This talent was shaped while operating luxury design-led hotels across the globe. David and Jeremy implemented what is now the J&J operating model at Elements of Byron Resort after returning to Australia from abroad. The model was highly successful in driving higher Revenue, Profit and Guest Satisfaction scores when compared to all other available operating models.

Meet our team

Our guiding principals

We work in partnership to provide a unique service, as each partnership is unique, we shape our strategy, process and team to respond.

We are committed to continuous improvement and evolving our model to guarantee market-leading outcomes.

Our directors hand-craft tailored strategies to capture the perfect brand story, guest experience and unparalleled financial returns.


Just like our people, each hotel is a completely unique creative expression, embrace this virtue.

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”

Top-notch service

Going beyond the expected applies just as much to what we say as what we do. Provide the amenities and services people want in exactly the way they want them.

Teaming old-school values of artisanship and bespoke service with an immersive experience.


Our team are not only concerned with today, rather through collective foresight, the delivery of legacies that stand testament to their time and place.

Always considering how we can create something in a way that makes it unlikely to need replacing in the future by something newer and more effective.

Organic portfolio growth is mandated.

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For hotel owners fed up with fees, outdated cumbersome systems, little support, a lack of flexibility, brand audits, and average to poor returns, talk to Jeremy and Jones about our new approach and management model.

Applications are currently open for early adopter hotel owners and investors to engage JEREMY & JONES as their hotels operating partner.

To setup a confidential candid chat please email or call us about your hotel aspirations or requirements. We love talking hotels.

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